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CP Center takes expansion plan to public

About $1.5 million is needed in a $7.5 million campaign to expand and renovate the Allouez facility that serves more than 2,000.







ALLOUEZ – With more than a smile, Vicki Nass expressed her happiness about the big plans for her home away from home.

Nass, who has cerebral palsy and is nonverbal, used a communication device Tuesday to type and say words of gratitude through a speaker after project leaders announced the CP Center is entering the final stretch of a $7.5 million building campaign.

“My name is Vicki, and I have been coming here for the past 25 years,” Nass told CP Center staff, board members, project supporters and fellow clients. “During the past 25 years, I have seen and experienced a lot of change. I am really excited and supportive of the new expansion. Thank you all for your support.”

As they turn to the public for the final phase of fundraising, organizers are optimistic they will bring more happiness to Nass and more than 2,000 other adults and children with disabilities and other needs who are helped by the CP Center’s daily programs and services.

About $1.5 million still is needed for the planned expansion and renovation of the center’s main campus at 2801 S. Webster Ave.


“We’re at the point now where we literally have begun to turn people away or put them on a waiting list because we simply don’t have space,” said Jon Syndergaard, the center’s executive director. “We’ve got the internal infrastructure, but we simply don’t have the square footage to serve them effectively.”

Per designs from Allouez-based Somerville, the expansion would increase the square footage at the center by almost 50 percent, from more than 46,500 to nearly 68,000.

Organizers hope to have pledges for the balance of the funding by spring so construction can start. The project would take about 18 months with services uninterrupted during the work.

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