Our Value

At Somerville, we believe it’s our role to realize and enhance the vision you have for your building.

After all, no one knows your business and goals better than you do. Our job is to listen, to ask the right questions, to understand your challenges—and to respond with inspired ideas that exceed your highest expectations.

After nearly seven decades of designing and constructing buildings for just about every industry imaginable, we can proudly say it’s an approach that has served our clients well. Maybe that’s why so many clients return to us for project after project.

All that experience has taught us a few other things as well. It’s taught us that talented staff will remain with us longer and work even harder when they have a stake in our business. That’s why all Somerville employees are also shareholders, forming a team that demands excellence from one another and works together toward the goal of pleasing our customers.

We’ve also learned that the way to produce the most seamless, integrated designs for our clients is to keep architects, engineers and designers working side-by-side. That’s why we’ve remained a full-service firm, with all disciplines in regular contact under one roof. Our clients tell us they also like dealing with just one partner, especially one that makes getting answers and addressing concerns as easy as we do.

We’ve learned that the best approach to designing a building isn’t just to answer our client’s present needs. It’s to develop a thoughtfully conceived design that will provide meaningful benefits for years to come—for the building’s owner, its staff and all who enter.

Finally, over the years, we’ve seen trends come and go. In recent years, some owners have turned to design/build firms for their projects. These firms act as a general contractor, either employing staff architects and engineers or hiring outside firms to provide these services, often on the basis of charging the lowest fees. Whatever the arrangement, the architects work for the contractor.

In our experience, we’ve learned that one of the most important services we can offer our clients is to remain their trusted advocate throughout the building process. At every step, we put our clients’ interests first, maintaining the integrity of the original design vision. What’s more, we believe owners can only realize maximum value through a set of well-assembled and detailed construction documents that can be competitively bid by qualified contractors.

In short, because design matters, so does everything that goes into it.