Without question, a building has the power to draw the eye and stir the soul. But a truly well-designed building can do so much more. It can solve challenges. It can open possibilities. It can improve the lives of all who enter it. A well-designed building doesn’t merely allow those inside it to do what they do. It helps them do what they do better. More efficiently. More effectively. These are the type of buildings that Somerville creates. We do this by asking the right questions, paying careful attention to the answers and responding with thoughtful solutions. We feel that buildings aren’t so much built with bricks, metal and glass, but with listening, experience and imagination. We believe that a building’s true beauty lies in the thinking that goes into it. Every detail, every decision at every step along the way – it all counts in the final design. And if there’s one thing we know at Somerville, it’s that

design matters.