Troy J. Theis
Designer of Electrical Engineering Systems
Robert A. Hardy
Senior Mechanical Project Engineer
Sheila M. Downing
Associate / Senior Designer of Plumbing Engineering Systems
Sara E. Kvitek
Vice President - Finance
Rustin Schwandt
Jason M. Groose
Senior Electrical Drafter
John R. Oates
Vice President / Senior Project Architect
Kristy Pigeon
Marketing Coordinator
Michael K. Kadow
President / Principal Project Architect
Matt Honold
Tim Schuettpelz
Senior Electrical Project Engineer
Duane W. Grove
Project Architect
Todd W. Kane
Senior Architectural Designer
Mary M. Jones
Project Coordinator / Accounts Payable
Alex McEathron
Architectural Designer
Tamarine Wessing
Architectural Designer
Matt Hale
Senior Architectural Designer
Adam M. Drefcinski
Associate / Project Manager
David G. Neuville
Associate / Senior Designer of Mechanical Engineering Systems
Sam Graner
Mechanical Project Engineer
Neil Yunk
Charlie Cope
Senior Mechanical Drafter
Daniel J. Wiitanen
Associate / Project Architect
Lori Lemmen
Project Coordinator
Lillian Mendez
Project Architect / Specifications Writer
R. Travis Grell
Designer of Mechanical Engineering Systems
Robert M. Schunke
Senior Architectural Designer
Jay R. Vincent
Director of Operations / Principal Project Manager
Nancy Widi
Senior Interior Designer
Melanie A. Parma
Associate / Education Studio Leader / Senior Project Manager
Kirsten Phillips
Interior Designer
Tracy B. Strehlow
Senior Project Coordinator
Timothy J. Bostedt
Associate / Project Manager
Charles E. Wischow
Associate / Project Manager
Cathy Hendricks
Business Development
Anders Sandli
Project Architect
Andrew M. DeGrave
Senior Mechanical Drafter
Heather R. Nohr
Director of Marketing & Branding
Jason Hale
Project Architect
Mark Vincent
Associate / Senior Electrical Project Engineer
Aaron Baumgartner
Mechanical Engineer
Collin Arndt
Architectural Drafter
Stacy J. Mosher
Senior Mechanical/Electrical Drafter
Matthew J. Schachtner
Executive Vice President / Principal Project Architect
Lila Harkoff
Corporate Administrative Assistant