• Sustainable / LEED Design
  • Energy Conservation
  • Value Engineering & Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Energy Auditing

At Somerville, “going green” isn’t just a passing fad. It’s a driving mission. It just makes sense to build and design buildings in a way that is more energy efficient, sensitive to the environment and makes better use of the natural resources that are all around us.

What’s more, high-efficiency green technologies and building strategies often pay for themselves during their expected life cycle.

Our staff includes LEED-accredited architects, engineers and construction managers that rank among the most respected professionals in the Midwest. We are able to present you with a vast array of sustainable product and systems choices to incorporate into your building design—from simple ideas like low-flow toilets and motion sensor-controlled lighting systems to advanced high-efficiency geothermal heating systems. Through Waste Cap building methods, we can also make the process of building your project far less impactful on the environment.

In presenting these sustainable options to you, we also help you evaluate the feasibility, cost and potential return on investment for each. This approach allows you to make the best choices for your project, now and for the future. After all, what we most want to sustain is your satisfaction.