Pre Design / Planning

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Space Planning & Programming
  • Master Planning
  • Site Analysis / Site Selection
  • Building Evaluations
  • Scope Development / Project Scope
  • Budget Development
  • Code Compliance Analysis
  • ADA Surveys & Compliance Planning
  • Referendum Planning
  • Energy Auditing

Just as every building requires a solid physical foundation, every building project requires a solid foundation of understanding before the design process can even begin. Assembling that plan means answering many essential questions: Where can and should construction take place? What is a realistic scope of needs the project can satisfy? How will the project be funded and by whom? The list can seem daunting.

Somerville can help you thoughtfully answer those questions, with tools ranging from project feasibility studies and site analyses to assistance with budget development and code compliance planning. We can even provide comprehensive assistance with referendum planning for publicly-funded projects.

After more than six decades of managing projects both large and small, we know this– the more time and effort spent planning beforehand, the less issues and questions you’ll have to deal with later. Somerville’s pre-design planning services can ensure your project goes smoothly from start to finish.