What Our Clients are Saying

George Kerwin, CEO Bellin Health Systems
Dr. Jeff Rafn, President Northeast Wisconsin Technical College District
Dr. Kristine Gilmore, Superintendent DC Everest School District
  • Bob Harlan, Former President and CEO The Green Bay Packers

    The original Lambeau field that Somerville designed served the Green Bay Packers for many years as one of the premier NFL stadiums. And their design contribution to the renovation shows that same architectural expertise. We feel they were invaluable to the success of this project.

  • Craig Hjelle, Facilities Director Mid State Technical College

    Having worked with many design firms, I can honestly say Somerville is among the best I have worked with. From the beginning of the programming phase through the design completion, I have found Somerville to be quite accomplished in all phases of the work.

  • Dan Seidl, Facilities Manager Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

    The strengths that Somerville brings to the party is the professionalism and ownership they provide, their exceptional planning ability and their follow-through. Those items help assure that the projects that we implement are well done.

  • Dr. Jeffrey Rafn, President Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

    They follow our agenda, not their agenda, and they’ve been very creative in their solutions.

  • Dr. Kristine Gilmore, Superintendent DC Everest School District

    As a building administrator and now as superintendent, I have a positive working relationship with Somerville. They have continually focused on providing our community with quality buildings and additions in a cost efficient manner. I believe Somerville would provide excellent services to any organization focused on quality facilities suited to the community’s culture.

  • Erv Hitzeman, Council President Shepherd of the Bay Lutheran Church

    Shepherd of the Bay Lutheran Church in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin, has worked with Somerville Architects on three projects: a new church, a bell tower addition and recently a significant expansion project. Somerville has been reliable, efficient and sensitive to our needs. The final design of each segment has been integrated very well with the primary structure, allowing us to maintain excellent architectural design. Thank you Somerville.

  • George Kerwin, CEO Bellin Hospital

    Somerville is a strong partner as we’ve made changes in our facility and deserve a lot of credit for the success we’ve had at Bellin Health System.

  • Gerry Gerard, Administrator Florence County School District

    The strength of Somerville is their people. Not only did they design our building, but they also provided somebody on site weekly to monitor the project and do the final check out for us. That was absolutely necessary and I believe they saved us a number of dollars by being there.

  • Jane Graham Jennings, Executive Director The Women’s Community

    The facility has provided so much more than we imagined. It really does change the way people feel about themselves when they come in. To your credit, I have had more people tell me how wonderful it looks from the outside. Neighbors that do regular walks around the area have told me how much they enjoy seeing the warm glow at night when the lights come on. And how they are just so impressed with how much it looks like a home.

  • Karl R. Sattler, Chief Operating Officer Sweetwater Gaming, Inc.

    On behalf of Sweetwater Gaming, I would like to thank and compliment Somerville, Inc and particularly Mr. Randy Boden for their work on our Romulus Project.

    Randy’s responsiveness and professionalism is greatly appreciated. Despite the unrealistic deadlines and numerous last minute changes we imposed, Somerville consistently produced high quality work product on-time.

    Of equal or even greater value to us, was Randy’s ability to work with our client and with the local jurisdiction. He consistently smoothed out rough spots and helped us get a very good reception from the local planning department.

    Throughout the process, Randy made excellent suggestions that resulted in a greatly improved project and saved us from ourselves on more than several occasions.

    We look forward to working with Somerville, Inc. particularly if Randy is the project manager, on the next stage of this project and on other projects.

  • Lance Broberg, General Manager Radisson Hotel & Conference Center

    I chose Somerville because of the architect’s familiarity with our property and his ability to design my project. I was impressed with the professionalism and creativity of both the architect and the interior design specialist. They kept our project on time and within my budget constraints. But I also received an impressive finished product that exceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate to utilize Somerville again.

  • Pat Meyer, Director of Buildings and Grounds Unified School District of De Pere

    We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful school in our district. The geothermal system at Dickinson continues to amaze me and I am very pleased that it has turned out even better than expected. That just shows what proper planning, continued conversations and a team commitment can bring to a project.

  • Pat Michlow, Space Needs Task Force Committee Member Marquette County, Michigan

    I have just finished my review of the final draft. It is totally awesome! The organization, the thoroughness, the detail, the budget estimates, the recommendations, the phases and implementation are all excellent. If the Commissioners spend some time digesting it, it will be a very significant document for Marquette County government. My hat is off to you!

  • Patrick C. Saunders Ed.D., District Administrator Luxemburg-Casco Schools

    Somerville has served L/C very well in our pre-referendum work. Project Managers and Architects have consistently displayed a positive energy in working with our teachers, Administration, Board and citizens. They have been eager to meet with groups of stakeholders and demonstrated a genuine talent and insightfulness in listening carefully to issues and concerns. Our Board, employees and citizens believe Somerville is truly interested in addressing our unique needs. Their work, on our behalf, reflects us….ideas and proposed solutions reflect L/C… what continues to emerge through revisions reflect an increasingly clear picture of L/C. Somerville has helped us see our future.

    Somerville has also worked with a group of citizens seeking to present factual information about our referendum…They has proven to be reliable and accurate in their work. They consistently seeks to present accurate information to our citizens and I have heard positive feedback from citizens who are working directly with them.

    Somerville has been professional and timely in the work they have performed.
    I have no reservations praising their effort.

  • Paul Hartwig, Principal Fox Valley Lutheran High School

    Somerville, Inc. played a key role in the design and construction of Fox Valley Lutheran’s new high school. They were very thorough in involving us in the design process, and listened to our ideas. They incorporated the mission of our school into the plan, and designed a school that is unique and makes a bold statement. FVL greatly appreciates the work they did for our school and is proud to say our school was designed by the team at Somerville.

  • Robert Fuhr, Director of Facilities Green Bay School District

    Somerville Inc. has worked with the Green Bay School District on many projects over the past 50 years, and has been a strong advocate for education. Their latest project, which is considered to be a great success, is Green Bay East High School. A team of architects and engineers led by Mr. Mike Kadow worked on this building with our staff and succeeded in adding nearly 100,000 sq. ft. of new construction and over 60,000 sq. ft. of remodeling work over a three year schedule while regular classes were being conducted. This school which was built in 1924 maintains its original look of architectural grandeur and now provides all of our learners with the opportunities of cutting edge technology and all the other amenities typically found in the newest high schools being built today. This project offered many challenges, and Somerville’s personnel were always willing to come to the table to work cooperatively with our staff on problem resolution. This is truly a project that the entire community can be proud of for decades to come.

  • Roger S. Wilkins, Director, Project Engineering and Facilities Tyco Fire Suppression & Building Products

    As we approached the project for Tyco’s new Center of Excellence (CoE), we were impressed in the approach of quickly reaching an “opinion of cost” that was inclusive of many considerations that had not been given thought by us during our early stages of developing a budget. Having this information was helpful in dictating business critical expense, and as the project neared completion and we took occupancy, the predicted costs held true. The look and design of the new CoE has exceeded our expectations, and Somerville was able to reach excellent standards of design and architectural interest while minimizing construction costs.

    The staff at Somerville is knowledgeable, reachable, and ready to help with all questions and concerns, and John Oates was especially well attentive to our needs and managing the architectural design process. While achieving LEED certification in our case was an afterthought, Somerville was able to quickly adapt and make the necessary changes. They were especially instrumental in helping us meet our LEED Certification needs, as well as handling of site construction review and Tyco’s best interest with the construction process.

    We would not hesitate recommending Somerville for anyone requiring expertise in the building industry.

  • Steve Lazarri, Business Manager N.E. Wisconsin MRI Center

    The measure of a great architectural team is their performance during large, highly complex projects. We have relied on Somerville throughout the planning and building of two MRI centers, as well as major additions. Their experience and practical approach to complex problems has served us well in achieving our mission of uninterrupted, quality patient care.

  • Tony Grzybowski, Commercial Building Plan Examiner State of Wisconsin

    Upon retiring from the State of Wisconsin as a Commercial Building Plan Examiner with 13 years of service, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge what a pleasure it has been for me working with your entire staff throughout the years.  The accuracy of your submitted documents to the Department for both plan clarity and engineering analysis was outstanding.  The professionalism of your staff was appreciated in my review of your documents for code compliance and structural integrity.

  • Troy D. Edwards, Principal Hillcrest Primary School

    Working with Somerville Inc. was very rewarding and easy. Our district got them involved with the project from the beginning. They helped us with all phases (Planning, Referendum, Design, Construction, and Post Construction) of the building project. Somerville met with all of the stakeholders to make sure they had a sound idea of what we needed in a new school. They listened intently and used this information to help us pass our referendum on the first attempt and design our building. When you begin to plan for a new building, you get a picture in your mind of what you think the school will look like. Somerville gathered lots of information and utilized it to exceed my expectations. I never imagined we would end up with such an impressive building. With every tour I give of Hillcrest Primary School, I consistently hear two comments. The first is WOW and the second is how well we planned for the school. Somerville’s involvement is a big factor in hearing these types of comments.

    I know that Somerville works with several clients at one time on their building projects. During our project, I felt like we were their only client. If I had any questions, ideas or concerns I could count on Somerville working with me. They were always available when I needed them. We have occupied Hillcrest for over a year now and I still hear from Somerville to make sure everything is going smoothly. The Somerville team takes great pride in how they work with clients and how the building meets their needs.

    The Somerville team is extremely professional, knowledgeable, hard working and dedicated. Somerville has the personnel to succeed with any size of project, large or small. What makes Somerville unique, in my mind, is that regardless of the project size you will get the personal touch. Somerville will listen to your needs and they will be there for you when you need them. I highly recommend Somerville Inc. for any building project.